This YouTube video is just one of Kellie R. Watson’s many attempts to break this billion dollar HUD scandal to the world.  Watson and her son, Kyle, became crime victims (detailed in part 2 of this scandal) under Social Security Disability in early 2000.  Thus, Watson qualified for a US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) grant. After she was approved, HUD placed Watson and her son in a hotel but never appropriated the funds TO Watson nor did they find or place her in a HUD home.  Watson briefly received $1900 per month issued to her for the temporary housing at Extended Stay America, however that money stopped coming. THIS caused her to be illegally evicted in 2010.  With no other choice, Watson & her son frantically moved into the apartment in the video above. Since it was barely habitable & winter was fast approaching, Watson & her son moved into a friend’s basement in early December, 2010.

With no law degree, Watson took her civil case (ordered by a judge to be conducted under criminal proceedings) to the Supreme Court.  The judge ordered a large sum of money to be paid to Ms. Watson from the state of Illinois if she won. But, with high-powered attorneys for the state and Home Depot, she was out-maneuvered and boggled with red tape. HUD has since “lost” documents despite Watson retaining at least one working copy of all legal documents.  Road block after administrative road block left the judge to dismiss Watson’s case WITHOUT PREJUDICE; that means, she can (and will) legally re-open the case but just a lot more prepared this time. As she is CURRENTLY sleeping on the unfinished, basement floor of a friend, her efforts are far from over.  Watson is preparing for administrative war as we speak. 

Watson and her son put faces to the hundreds of families that are still being victimized by the greed and corruption of Illinois’s state officials (and all over the US). There have been countless of state/city officials and/or employees accused, tried and/or convicted in Illinois over the last 10 years.  That means there are even more innocent families LIVING with the consequences of their selfish, criminal acts.  How long will we allow our city, state, and federal governments steal from us AND get away with it? Will you spread the word? The revolution continues….don’t believe me? 

call Kellie R. Watson (773) 865-6901

 “….58-year-old Rita Crundwell faces federal charges accusing her of the misappropriation of more than $30 million since 2006….”  ( Dixon, IL http://www.kwqc.com/story/17526287/employee-accused-of-stealing-30-million-from-dixon-il

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/04/19/rita-crundwell-comptroller-dixon-illinois-embezzling_n_1435899.html#s720786&title=Ed_Vrdolyak (scroll down to a corruption slideshow)